Welcome to our community Christmas Gift of Love Appeal!

There are thousands of older people living in Dorset and many of these lovely people sadly won't receive a visit from family or friends on Christmas Day.  Our dream is to unite the community to ensure as many people as possible have a small gift and card to open on Christmas Day.

2020 saw our second successful Appeal and 1570 gift bags were given to various organisations across Dorset including care companies, care homes, Age UK and Pramacare who hand delivered them for us in time for Christmas.  We couldn't of done this without the help of the community and can't thank everyone enough.

If you would like to gte involved this year then please save your Christmas gift bags and if you have received an unwanted Christmas or Birthday presents in the year which you think an older person would love then pop it away and keep an eye out for the drop off dates and locations later in the year.

If you would like to get involved then you can see some of the wonderful things we acheived in 2020 in the Gift of Love group on Facebook.


Scarf, gloves, socks, adult colouring in book with pencils & pencil sharpener, puzzle book, handkercheifs, soap & flannel, soap scrunchie, lip balm, nail manicure set & emery boards, hair comb, hand cream, hand sanitiser, eau de toilette/after shave, travel tissue packs, knee blanket, 2021 calendar, foldable shopping bag, umbrella, small fake plant in a pot, notepad & pen, mug with tea & biscuits

Gifts don't have to be expensive, it really is the thought that counts but please avoid alchohol, candles, fresh food and plants, boiled sweets, fiddly puzzles and games which may require more than 1 person to play.


Please place tissue paper over the top of the gift in your bag rather than wrapping them to help those with dexterity problems and to help carers allocate the right gift to a suitable person.

Please put a sticker or write on the bottom of the bag if it is for Male/Female/Unisex and either 'No Sugar' or 'Contains Sugar'.

Don't forget a Christmas card - ie To a lovely lady/gent and your names (please do not include any contact details).  Please write Merry Christmas on the envelope.

Please use a small gift bag if possible and don't forget the men!  Thank you. xxx