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  1. BH Fish was founded during the Coronavirus pandemic in a way to support our local fisherman who had lost business as a result of all restaurants closing.  

    All of the fish are caught in Poole Bay and Poole Harbour using sustainable and low impact fishing methods.  Every morning when the fisherman return to the Quay with their catch it’s immediately uploaded to the BH Fish website and social pages ready for sale.

    The 'Catch of the Day' changes however you can expect to see Sea Bass, Black Bream, Grey Mullet, Cuttlefish, Plaice, Cod, Dover Sole, Skate Wing, Brill, Pollock, Red Gurnard, Turbot, Crab, Lobster, Oysters, Mussels, Cockles and Clams.

    My husband rarely cooks so it was a treat for me recently when he collected Sea Bass and Bream from the Crown Hotel in Poole.  Although he’d planned to put it on the BBQ the sudden rain forced us inside and he did a grand job filleting the fish (FYI BH Fish can do this for you) and oven cooked them both in foil parcels with butter, lemon, chilli, garlic and cherry tomatoes. 

    BH Fish 1

    BH Fish 2

    Everyone knows I’m not an expert food critic with fancy words but I will say it was blooming delicious and fresh.  We served the fish simply with new potatoes and salad which the children enjoyed just as much as us. 

    Deliveries are currently being made from Monday to Saturday in the afternoons but you can also collect your order from the Crown Hotel in Market Street, Poole.  Social distance measures are of course adhered to and delivery drivers can call you en route so the order can be left on your doorstep.

    The website is full of information including a community forum to share hints, tips and recipes.  There’s also filleting knives, fishbone tweezers, shellfish crackers and more available to purchase.  If you enjoy a nice glass of plonk with your fish then you can order a bottle of Dorset wine produced by English Oak and Furleigh Wines.

    For full details, please visit BH Fish or call 01202 844199.  You won’t be disappointed!

    BH Fish 3

    Dorsetmums received a discount for the purpose of a review however all words are my own.

  2. I appreciate this could be the world’s shortest recipe but they were so flipping delicious that I simply had to share!

    As we all know with the current coronavirus pandemic there have been certain food products that have been hard to find and on a recent trip to Tesco there wasn’t a single sausage in sight haha.  While I was in the freezer section I noticed frozen sausage meat so I thought I’d buy some since it was cheaper than a pack of good sausages.

    As for the pastry, I’ve tried making puff before, I spent hours with it in and out of the fridge being lovingly folded and I followed the instructions to the letter but it was a disaster and I vowed never to try making it again.  Since then I always used the Jusrol packs for puff and then shortcrust when I make quiche and pies and so far they’ve never let me down.

    Lucy sausage rolls 3 2020

    Before you start, defrost the sausage meat and make sure your puff pastry has been at room temperature for 30 minutes.  I rolled the pastry thinkly into a big long rectangle on a floured surface and then cut it into 8 pieces.  With the sausage meat I sliced it into 8 long sausage shapes and placed it in the middle of the rectangles sideways.  My head chef sat patiently waiting and I showed her how to brush milk on the edge and then roll the top piece of pastry over the sausage to kiss the bottom piece.  Then she used a fork to seal the edges and brush more milk over the pastry.  Once I put it on the baking sheet I made several slits through the top so the steam could escape and that was it!  Considering my daughter has only just turned 4 she took incredible care and attention with each one.  She did get a little over excited brushing the milk on but it certainly didn’t affect the cooking.

    BeFunky Sausage rolls

    Once they were all made I put them back in the fridge for a while so they hold their shape when cooking and preheated the oven to 180c fan.

    I’ll admit I’m pretty terrible at keeping the time but I’d say they took roughly 25 minutes to cook.  My daughter was beaming when she saw them and we all agreed they were the nicest freshest and tastiest sausage rolls we’d ever eaten. 

    I’ve already been thinking of ingredients I can add next time like chilli, red onion, garlic and rosemary ect but I’ll have to do this with only half of them so I can keep the kids one’s plain and simple.  Or if you are vegetarian then you could just swop the sausage meat for cheese and onion or vegetables.   

    Happy Baking! xxx

    Lucy sausage rolls 1 2020