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  1. If your child likes to skate, scoot or ride then RampRats in Poole is the place to go!

    We visited during a pre-school session with a friend and her son so the kids could have some fun on the ramps.  At the time my daughter didn’t have her own scooter but she’d used her brothers old one a few times so she was fairly competent and I knew there was a few balance bikes, scooters and helmets there which we could borrow.

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    During the pre-school session there is a coach on hand to give the kids some tips on how to develop their skills.  He was so incredibly lovely with the kids but the second he spoke to my little girl she’d freeze and hide.  He picked up on this though and kindly gave her some distance so she could whizz round again.  Later on in the morning I did actually get the chance to tell him not to be offended but he said he completely understood and was there for the kids if they needed him.

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    The children had a really good play zooming up and down and then we sat down by the little soft play area so they could carry on having fun while we enjoyed a nice coffee. 

    BeFunky Ramp Rats 2

    After the kids had a drink and snack they were back on their bikes for one last play and it was lovely to see how much their confidence had grown in a couple of hours.

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    RampRats is an indoor facility suitable for toddlers right up to 10 years of age and specifically designed for children with gentle transitions, bowl corner and tunnel. 

    Although on this occasion we didn’t stay for lunch I did notice that there was a menu with grilled cheese sandwiches, kids meals, soup, jacket potatoes and cakes.  The prices are very reasonable and from what I saw the food looked delicious.

    For more information including after school clubs, pre-school session times and birthday party packages, please visit the RampRats Website.

    My daughter will be turning 3 soon and the Birthday fairy plans to bring her a super cool Elsa scooter so we’ll definitely be back again in the near future for some practice.

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  2. Lush have some great Mother’s Day gifts in store and I was lucky enough to be invited to a bloggers meetup at Bournemouth Lush to learn about their products and ethics.
    Lush night 6
    After a short introduction we were invited to taking part in some hands on activities and I started with a demonstration on how to make the Angels on Bareskin Fresh Cleanser which is inspired by an ancient medieval recipe.   The cleanser has ground almonds in for exfoliation and lavender for relaxation but the best bit was trying to get it rolled up like a roulade ready for chopping into slices.
    BeFunky Lush 1

    A little group of us were then shown the current range of Mother’s Day bath bombs with big bright beautiful colours and divine smells.  I loved the Jasmine flower which had a little note of paper in the top ready for a message for that special person.  Actually, I loved this pretty one so much that I bought it for my own Mum.  There were a huge variety of bath bombs on display, with beautiful gold sparkly eggs, colourful butterflies and even one which opened up to reveal a Dinosaur inside!
    BeFunky Lush 2

    I was most excited about making a pink bath bomb which had a pretty flower inside.  The Sex Bomb has the fragrant blend of jasmine, ylang ylang and clary sage and whilst making one I told the nice lady that I was going to give mine to a good friend who loves Lush and so she very kindly gave me the one she was demonstrating with so that we would both have one.
    Lush night 14

    Everyone was so very welcoming, knowledgeable and kind, and although I didn’t get a chance to receive a hand treatment I still had a great time looking around and sniffing the products which I rarely get to do with the kids in tow.

    All of the products I mentioned plus much more can be found instore or through Lush online. 
    BeFunky Lush 3
    Dorsetmums was invited to Lush with the Bournemouth Bloggers for the purpose of a review however all words are my own.