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  1. We always enjoy a day at Weymouth SEA LIFE and this weekend we took the children to the Ascarium Halloween event which is running from now until 2 November.

    Zara was a regular witch who lived on the land and fell in love with the sea but was very disappointed with how it was being mistreated.  She decided to cast a spell to turn herself into a sea witch and found a treasure chest which she needs help unlocking.

    When we arrived we were given a card and told that the sea witch had misplaced 5 of the ingredients she needs to make her magic potion and that these could be found in the tanks around the park.

    Sealife Halloween 5

    We made sure we had our map so we didn’t miss any zones and it didn’t take long for the kids to find their first ingredient.  Once they knew what sort of thing they were looking for they were eager to look around all the tanks.

    We spent hours looking at all the sea creatures and stopping at Caribbean Cove for a run around and lunch.  Once we finally managed to get the kids out of the fab play area we went on to say hello to the weeny fairy penguins who were cuddling each other under the boardwalk, we watched the otters being fed and ended the day in the Ocean Tunnel where we saw turtles, sharks and rays swim overhead.

    Sealife Halloween 9

    By now we had found all 5 ingredients and went off to find the sea witch in her lair.  The cabin is perfectly spooky and the children told the witch what they had found.  She cast her spell and thanked them for their help by giving them a pop badge and telling them a password which they needed to pass onto the staff in the gift shop to receive their prize.

    Sealife Halloween 1

    Sealife Halloween 11

    The children wanted one last look in the rockpool and then we went to the gift shop where they were given a themed cup which they could have on its own or use to fill with sweets or slush puppy for a special price. 

    Sealife Halloween 6

    Sealife Halloween 7

    There’s so much to do at Weymouth SEA LIFE with over 1000 creatures to see, an amazing play area and splash park which is great for the summer months.  Pre booking is recommended and cheaper than paying on the day.  For more details, please visit the website:

    Sealife Halloween 1

  2. When I saw that Dinosaur World Live were coming to Dorset I knew my son would really enjoy it, and I was right.  From start to finish we sat staring at the stage and although I was there for him, I loved it just as much.

    Dinosaur World Live 1

    Miranda the intrepid explorer is very likable and everyone listened intently as she tells the story of how she came about knowing so much about Dinosaurs and how she now looks after them.

    We couldn’t wait for the first Dinosaur to come out and my son gave a little gasp when a very realistic Segnosaurus came on stage.  I really wanted my son to go up on stage when Miranda asked for help but he was a teeny bit scared of being up close even though he knew they weren’t real.

    Dinosaur World Live 2

    We watched as Miranda introduced us all to her favourite friends which included a baby Triceratops, a Giraffatitan, a naughty little baby T-Rex and his huge roaring big brother.  The detail, movement and sounds are just incredible, you couldn’t take your eyes off them.

    Dinosaur World Live 3

    The show is full of bitesize fun facts and all the children loved shouting out for Miranda when the Dinosaur egg on stage looked like it might hatch.  I think my favourite part was the surprise right at the end although my son says the big T-Rex was the best.

    Dinosaur World Live 6

    Dinosaur World Live are now off touring around the rest of the Country but should they come back to Dorset I’d definitely recommend going.  For more details on the show, please visit:

    Dinosaur World Live 4