Dorsetmums Meetup

Many Mums say they sometimes get lonely even though the day is packed full of things to do.  It's always nice to stop now and again and have an adult conversation about something other than nappies and tantrums!

Dorsetmums would love to be able to bring families together and honestly believe life can be more enjoyable when you have a good friend at your side.  Some mums lose friends when family life takes up too much time and it's always more difficult to make special friends the older you get.  Taking the step to go to a new group or a planned get together can be so daunting but you have nothing to lose and may find someone you click with straight away.  If you are nervous then remember that you're probably not the only one and children are always a great conversation starter.

We love arranging Dorsetmum Meetups around the County but please do let us know if you would like to organise your own.  We will happily find a coffee shop or soft play near you and advertise the date and time so if you are looking to make some new friends then please Contact Us.  


Lemur Landings Meetup - Date postponed due to illness

Dorsetmums will be having a meetup at Lemur Landings from 10am and little one's can join in with Easter Nest making from 10.30am.

As always, everyone is welcome so grab some friends or come alone and have a chat, everyone is always very friendly and the kids will have a blast in the play area.

For details on the Lemur Landing toddler morning and prices please visit the website.

If anyone has any questions then please feel free to Contact Us or follow on the Facebook event

Meet the alpacas at Longthorns Farm - Saturday 7th April 2018

Dorsetmums have planned this event at the weekend in the hope that the whole family can come and enjoy the alpacas at Longthorns Farm. 

The plan is to meet near the reception at 11am and the staff are going to set up a petting station so the children can meet and stroke the friendly bunch of alpacas.

Please feel free to bring a picnic and a rug and after we've fussed over the alpacas we'll all sit down and have lunch together (in the sunshine hopefully).  They have a hot drinks machine for those of you who may want one.

Please note, there is no cost to attend however Longthorns Farm have said that any donations will be gratefully received for alpacas food.

This event is open to any Dorset family, grandparents, carers, childminders ect so please feel free to come alone and have a chat or grab some friends and enjoy a nice couple of hours in this beautiful rural setting. 

Some of you may already know that Longthorns Farm is a campsite but for those of you who have never been it's very easy to find next to Monkey World.  For more info on where to go please visit the Website.

If anyone has any questions then please feel free to Contact Us or follow on the Facebook event.